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Bearon von Aachen (Leonberger),  Marta Ray (Cavalier KIng Charles),

Horses,  Birds, and Cats too.......

Kangal Dogs

Breeders of Turkish
Kangal Dogs and Mock Registered Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Foothills, Taylor Ranch is located in Clovis, California. Clovis is located midway between San Francisco and Los Angles, bordering Fresno, in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, which includes Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, Clovis has been known as "Gateway to the Sierras" since its incorporation in 1912.  

Premier Livestock Guardian Dogs

  • We are proud to be members of the Kangal Dog Club of America (KDCA).

  • We are members of the Leonberger Dog Club of America, and the Northern California Leonberger Club.

  • Our Babydoll Southdown Sheep are all MOCK Registered.

  • We belong to Porsche Club of America, Sequoia Region Porsche Club, Porsche 356 Registry, Central Coast 356 Club, HMSA (Historic Motor Sport Association), and CSRG (Classic Sports Racing Group).

  • You can contact us by mailing us from the Contact us page or Call

  (559) 323-1215 
(559) 284-9303   

You can also check out our facebook page:  Taylor Ranch Kangals

Tasmaci Omer Usta
Kangal Dog Club of America was lucky enough to get some collars made by this Turkish Kangal Dog Collar Maker

Being located in Central California has many advantages, we are less than two hours from the ocean, (including Monterrey and Carmel) and less than two hours from snow skiing (China Peak and Yosemite).

The Central Valley has many natural predators including coyote, mountain lion, and large birds of prey. This makes our Turkish Livestock Guardian Dogs called Kangals  invaluable.  Kangal dogs are a rare and ancient breed, they have been bred for thousands of years to protect flock and family.  While we are not a kennel or "breeding facility", we are a family ranch which has discovered benefits of "natural livestock protection" and the joy of sharing our lives with an extraordinary breed of dog.  We are also excited about the community of Kangal owners here in the United States and abroad whom we have come to know though our animals. We are excited to be new breeders of  Turkish Kangal Dogs in the USA.

Our ranch has been set up to facilitate our many passions....  Kangal Dogs,  Babydoll Southdown Sheep,  Vintage automobiles, friends, family and fun

Wag and the whole world wags with you.....

Howl and they throw you outside
                                                    Lady and the Tramp

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Ruby's Birthday

Dayn's Birthday


Ruby and Dayn with Savoie and Turks puppies, December 2013